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To the Agile Go the Spoils: Why Learning Must Evolve

To the Agile Go the Spoils: Why Learning Must Evolve
Winning organizations are those that can respond quickly to dynamic market conditions and rapidly seize new opportunities. This requires a workforce primed to continuously learn, apply, innovate and share its wisdom.

But old learning models aren’t keeping pace with the speed of business today. So, a new, agile learning model is emerging — one that leverages informal learning technologies, such as on-demand portals, collaborative tools, social networks and mobile devices.

How can we as learning professionals take advantage of these new tools to accelerate business performance and make learning a true competitive advantage for our companies?

Join and learn:
  • How informal learning can drive agile business performance.
  • What the latest informal learning research and trends reveal.
  • How to adapt example user scenarios to your organization.
  • Best practices for designing an effective technology-enabled informal learning strategy.
This webinar will encourage collaboration and learning agility in practice!


  • Darin Hartley

    Darin Hartley

    Director of Client Development, Intrepid Learning

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