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Transforming Job Descriptions From Tactical to Strategic

Transforming Job Descriptions From Tactical to Strategic
Job descriptions are the foundation of many key activities in HR, but most organizations treat the creation and maintenance of job descriptions as an ad hoc process, driven by an immediate need to recruit or retain.

In this discussion Melissa Tessendorf will talk about best practices for creating and maintaining job descriptions and how job competencies can provide a more strategic overall approach.
This session will cover:
  • Best practices for writing job descriptions.
  • Who should be responsible for initiating the process and who should do the writing?
  • The differences between recruitment-focused job descriptions and job descriptions for HR.
  • How to avoid common job description writing mistakes.
  • Why critical competencies should be incorporated into the job description.
  • How the entire organization can benefit from a job descriptions enhanced with critical competencies.
  • How technology can assist.


  • Melissa Tessendorf

    Melissa Tessendorf

    Head of Professional Development, Kenexa, an IBM Company

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