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Undoing Corporate: Personality and Emergent Leadership

Undoing Corporate: Personality and Emergent Leadership
The foundation of corporate leadership is shifting. In the wake of scandal and economic downturn, even the most firmly rooted traditions of corporate leadership are in upheaval. Where the old guard once ruled from lofty offices and stuffy boardrooms, new leadership is emerging from the trenches of a more diverse and much younger demographic. Fresh ideas are the new currency, and personality is a driving factor in the abundance of workable strategies in an evolving workplace. In this Talent Management magazine webinar, Ryan Ross, director of alliances and partners at Hogan Assessment Systems, and Eric Brasher, organizational effectiveness consultant at United Airlines, will discuss the role of personality assessment in a post-corporate, culture-driven business model.


  • Ryan Ross

    Director, Alliances and Partners, Hogan Assessment Systems

  • Eric Brasher

    Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, United Airlines

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