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Unleash the Power of Student Engagement with Mobile Technologies

Unleash the Power of Student Engagement with Mobile Technologies
Today's emphasis on student engagement is encouraging schools everywhere to find new and better ways to connect with students. In this information-packed WebEx led by Jim Till, VP of Blackboard Connect and John Dennett, Director of Solutions Engineering at Blackboard, we explore how a variety of institutions have improved student engagement through the use of mobile technologies.

This recorded WebEx explores new methods to exploit existing communications technologies, and also discusses how new mobile services can reach students where they are "living" online or on mobile devices. Learn from real-world examples from higher education institutions, and help advance your institution's ability to enhance student engagement and success.

Attendees will learn:

  • How peer institutions are successfully nurturing student engagement using mobile technologies
  • Best practices and benchmarks for evolving student interaction at your university
  • A framework of student engagement from simple "push" emergency notifications to predictive, on-demand segmented engagement based on data
  • How both mass notification services and mobile applications can work in concert to mobilize and inform students
  • The state of mobile learning in higher education today


  • Jim Till

    Jim Till

    Vice President of Product Marketing, Blackboard Connect

  • Liam Ferris

    Solutions Engineer, Blackboard

  • Keith Tyndall

    Product Marketing Manager, Blackboard Connect

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