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Un-tethered Learning: What Every School Leader Should Know

Un-tethered Learning: What Every School Leader Should Know
Many school districts are turning to online learning as a cost-effective way to offer individual learning opportunities for their students. A recent national survey confirms growing student interest.

For the past seven years, the annual Speak Up survey has collected and reported on the authentic, unfiltered views of more than 1.85 million K-12 students, teachers, parents, and administrators on the role of emerging technologies in enhancing education. Findings from a recent survey reveal students are particularly interested in "untethered learning" experiences.

Julie Evans, CEO of the education nonprofit that facilitates the Speak Up survey, will share what the 300,000 students who took the survey had to say about the benefits of online classes, and what barriers they face in seeking online learning opportunities. Viewers will hear how today's education leaders are approaching online learning from a panel of distinguished educators and thought leaders who will share proven tips for successful implementation.

Webinar viewers will gain an enhanced understanding and a new, user-oriented perspective on the potential impact of online learning.

Additionally, the WebEx addresses how a variety of innovative school districts are effectively leveraging online learning to meet the needs of their diverse student populations efficiently and cost-effectively.


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  • Michael Maslayak Ed.D

    Vice President Marketing, K12, Inc.

  • Julie Evans

    Chief Executive Officer, Project Tomorrow

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