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Using Video to Deliver More Impactful Remote Training

Using Video to Deliver More Impactful Remote Training
The recent availability of high quality video in online training solutions has opened up a whole new realm of instructor-audience interactivity.  Trainers are now starting to leverage video to significantly enhance the remote training experience – adding a face-to-face and visual dimension that was previously not possible.

Join Richard Nantel, Co-CEO of Brandon Hall Group, and Cisco eLearning Specialist Linda Uli, as they review the results of a new market study on how organizations today are using video for training and how this use will evolve.  They will also walk you through best practices on effectively applying video to your virtual classrooms.  Finally, Dominic Lau from the USC Distance Education Network will talk about how the Viterbi School of Engineering is using high-quality video from Cisco WebEx to deliver more impactful online classes.

Attendees will leave the session with a clear understanding of:
  • How other companies and universities are using video in their blended learning programs
  • When to use video so it will enhance, rather than detract from the learning objective
  • Training scenarios that benefit most from video
  • How to increase your value as a “video-ready” instructor
Be sure to turn on your webcams for this informative, interactive session!


  • Richard Nantel

    Richard Nantel

    Co-CEO, Brandon Hall Group

  • Linda Uli

    Linda Uli

    Cisco eLearning Specialist

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