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Using Web Behavior Data to Drive Follow Up Messaging

Using Web Behavior Data to Drive Follow Up Messaging
There's a lot more learning to be had beyond open and click-through rates for your email marketing campaigns. By employing a web analytics tool to analyze the behavior of respondents you can gain valuable insight to just how effective your email campaign is--or isn't.
Learn how to use web analytics and email to send, analyze and target your follow up message and increase conversions.
Stefan Pollard, Director of Email Marketing Best Practices, Lyris

Stefan is responsible for consulting with Lyris' clients on their current email marketing programs, training on industry best practices, and advising on strategy to increase clients' ROI. As editor of EmailLabs award winning newsletter, The Intevation Report, he provides advice to clients and marketers on how to optimize their email programs. Stefan also writes a recurring column for ClickZ focusing on email delivery topics. Prior to joining EmailLabs, Stefan managed the audit process and consulted with clients to improve their email programs and delivery challenges for Habeas, an email trust authority that certifies the practices of legitimate email senders. As an email marketer, he spent several years building and executing email marketing campaigns for E-LOAN and Cybergold.com.
Dan Miller, Manager of Professional Services, Lyris
Dan manages web analytics training and consulting services for ClickTracks users. His team helps clients optimize their pay-per-click, organic search and email marketing programs; and to improve site usability and conversion rates. Prior to joining ClickTracks in 2005, Dan spent eight years developing content management systems for highly successful small businesses.


  • Marla Chupack

    Moderator, American Marketing Association

  • Dan Miller

    Manager of Professional Services, Lyris

  • Stefan Pollard

    Director of Email Marketing Best Practices, Lyris

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