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Using Workforce Analytics to Drive a Compliant, Diverse Culture

Using Workforce Analytics to Drive a Compliant, Diverse Culture
As an HR leader, you need to be 100 percent confident in your ability to help your organization defend against discrimination claims. Due to increasing discrimination claims and greater oversight from federal agencies, executives have become hypersensitive to ensuring equality across all HR practices. HR is challenged to efficiently measure, manage and communicate workforce analytics to help key stakeholders mitigate risks and make defensible HR decisions across departments, teams and individual managers.

Learn about:
  • Key trends within federal agencies policing HR practices and why workforce metrics matter.
  • How companies are leveraging workforce analytics to drive defensible HR practices.
  • Available decisions that ensure management accountability.
  • Tactics to effectively communicate workforce analytics to all levels.

HR teams not prepared with a solution to manage workforce analytics are leaving the door open to unfair HR practices followed by costly discrimination claims. Whether you are interested in workforce analytics to build diversity or meet federal requirements, this webcast will demonstrate how HR and business managers can leverage workforce analytics to mitigate risks and build a diverse/inclusive, highly productive culture. Register today.


  • Roy Zambonino

    Roy Zambonino

    Senior Solutions Consultant, Peoplefluent

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