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Virtual Learning Environments: Trends and Insights

Virtual Learning Environments: Trends and Insights
Virtual learning environments are one of the fastest-growing trends in learning today. Is your company missing out on the opportunity to meet real business needs with this powerful and effective solution? Hear why leading organizations are integrating virtual learning environments into their overall education and training strategies, and learn how you can bring this approach into your own organization.

In this interactive session, you will learn:
  • Why virtual learning environments are effective and what is happening in the industry.
  • The differences between a virtual environment and a virtual classroom.
  • How to measure learners’ progress and their actual behavior and interactions inside the environment.
  • How to allow easy access to content, subject-matter experts and like-minded peers.
  • How leading organizations are currently using virtual learning environments.
  • A six-step process to launch successful virtual learning environments in your organization.
Gain insights from an industry expert, collaborate with a product expert, see a virtual learning environment in action and receive a white paper on virtual learning environment trends.


  • Lance Dublin

    Lance Dublin

    Chief Solution Architect, Dublin Consulting

  • Eric Vidal

    Eric Vidal

    Director of Product Marketing, Virtual Environments, InterCall

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