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WebEx Customer Success and Upsell Deployment Services Bundles

WebEx Customer Success and Upsell Deployment Services Bundles
The WebEx Challenge for Advanced UC Partners
  • Onboarding can be a daunting task; complex and time-consuming, requiring knowledge of multiple Cisco back-end processes, systems and services
  • Customer satisfaction, contract renewals and revenues are tied to successful adoption
The Opportunity
Onboarding can be an outsourced Professional Services engagement that drives customer satisfaction, increases revenues and ensures your customers renew.
In this webinar, we identify solutions for your net new customers and your existing, WebEx installed base.
We discuss outsourcing your onboarding engagements to a 3rd party Cisco services partner, as well as how to build your own, in-house onboarding practice.

Join your Cisco Workspace Partner Development Managers and MEET ME IN THE CLOUD as we unpack onboarding bundles that will differentiate your offer and maximize your customer’s ROI.

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  • Susan McEvilly

    Susan McEvilly

    Meet Me in the Cloud, LLC, WebEx Technology Expert

  • Joanne Adducci-Schulz

    Joanne Adducci-Schulz

    Cisco Workspace SBDM, Connected Architectures Partner Org

  • Nicole Carlin

    Nicole Carlin

    Cisco Project Manager, Partner Enablement

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