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We're Still Here... Now What?

We're Still Here... Now What?
Now that the dust has settled from the economic slowdown, it's time to take stock and assess the situation. The organization has survived, but there is not a quick turnaround in sight. Instead it looks like rebuilding your business is going to take a while and that it will require the best from everyone. That means providing people with the direction and support they need to perform at their best.

In this webinar, Dr. Dick Ruhe, Senior Consulting Partner of The Ken Blanchard Companies and co-author of Know Can Do! will show you how managers can identify the needs of each of their direct reports and then tailor their management style to build morale, efficiency, and productivity.

You'll learn how to:
  • Align individual tasks with overall company goals
  • Identify employee needs
  • Provide individually tailored direction and support
See how a concentrated focus on a few key ideas can translate into bottom line impact that drives your company back into a position of financial well-being.


  • David Witt

    David Witt

    Program Director, The Ken Blanchard Companies

  • Dr. Richard Ruhe

    Dr. Richard Ruhe

    Senior Consulting Partner, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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