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When Content is Money. How to Manage it in a Down Economy

When Content is Money. How to Manage it in a Down Economy
We've all seen the flurry of articles, emails and yes Webcasts in the last 12 months about how online marketing will be the place to turn in a down economy. But who knew things would be where they are today. Now, more than ever, as we start looking to an uncertain 2009, how do we make the most of our online marketing channels.The one thing we can generate is content. Lot's of content. Online marketing revolves around the Web, and the Web revolves around content, so how can we use content to generate leads, drive sales, increase traffic, subscriptions, or downloads, or whatever metric you care about at the end of the day? Your Content Management System helps create, manage, and streamline online campaigns and assist marketers with things they don't typically associate with a CMS such as: search engine optimization, Web 2.0, content relevance, landing pages, microsites and mobile marketing.In this presentation you'll learn:
  • How content marketing is one of the most inexpensive, but most effective tools you have in your arsenal.
  • The best practices, technology and individual tactics for turning your CMS into an effective marketing tool
  • A 90 day plan to use your CMS to build your online marketing funnel
  • The 3 Key Performance Indicators you should be measuring to ensure success.


  • Anna Carbonara

    Moderator, American Marketing Association

  • Robert Rose

    VP of Marketing and Product Strategy, CrownPeak

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