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Why Learning Is Essential to Talent Management

Why Learning Is Essential to Talent Management
Organizations spend a lot of time, effort and money on initiatives that will improve employee performance and deliver bottom-line results. In spite of this work, many organizations still find a way to fail at talent management. Without learning at their core, talent management strategies can only achieve so much. Join Michele Golden, vice president of talent management and diversity for Turner Broadcasting System Inc., as she shares insight into her company's integrated talent management strategy and the reasons why learning management is essential to the success of the program. Golden will discuss how aligning the company's global talent strategy with business goals resulted in the creation of a talent management department; the key role learning plays in Turner's performance management and succession management initiatives; why choosing the right technology solution was important to the program's success- and to employee adoption; and the organizational impact of Turner's learning and talent management strategy.


  • Laura Durando

    Manager, Strategic Projects & Organizational Development Cornerstone OnDemand

  • Michele Golden

    VP of Talent Management & Diversity Turner Broadcasting System Inc.

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