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Why the Future of Learning Is Blended

Why the Future of Learning Is Blended
Today’s business world is increasingly complex, virtual and requires proficient English skills — and companies are struggling to find the right learning solution.
Though experts are unanimous in saying that most real workplace learning takes place on the job, many companies still insist on enrolling employees in traditional training programs — taking employees out of their work environment and sending them to classrooms.

There’s undeniable value in classroom training, but the expense, lack of relevancy, rigidness of scheduling and absence of consistent quality and success metrics are leading today’s business leaders to turn to blended learning — and they’re using technology to enable this approach.

A mix of self-paced online learning software and instructor-led sessions, blended learning can be a tremendous boon for companies. It offers maximum scale and flexibility, provides a more personalized learner-centric pedagogy and eliminates much of the underutilization of software programs, all while retaining the face-to-face aspects of teacher-led instruction that many cherish.

Still not convinced that blended learning is the right solution for your company’s formal learning needs? Join this free, 45-minute webinar, and:
  • Learn how to easily apply different blended learning programs designed to support your global workforce’s diverse needs.
  • Review real-world examples of how some of the world’s top companies have solved key challenges with business English blended learning solutions.
  • Get practical tips and your questions answered by recognized experts in the field.


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    Rupert Hillier

    Co-Founder, COO, ISUS

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    Benjamin Joseph

    Founder, CEO, Training Express Group

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    Tom Kahl

    President, GlobalEnglish

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