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Work-Life Balance Is NOT a Perk

Work-Life Balance Is NOT a Perk
A huge population shift is occurring as baby boomers begin to retire and a flux of millennials (GenYs) enters the workforce. Unfortunately, many organizations are not prepared. Millennials have higher expectations from work and life in general; they are more connected to technology and create for themselves a multitasking lifestyle that includes work and family at a whole new level. As millennials enter the workforce, employers must evolve to recruit, manage, motivate and retain these valuable workforce additions.

This webinar will take a deeper look at these high performers, how to recognize work-life balance problems and the associated cost to the company, how and what to offer your workforce to improve this balance and the benefits to your entire organization


  • Sherri Elliott-Yeary

    Sherri Elliott-Yeary

    CEO, Optimance Workforce Strategies

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