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2 Ways to Share WebEx Content: Which Way Is Better?

with Janine Kurnoff

Learn when to share an application or your desktop and when to upload a presentation to WebEx.

Duration: 10 minutes

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October 2014

WebEx Productivity Tools for the Mac

Duration: 1 hour

This 5 minute video blog teaches a WebEx Host/User  to download, configure and use the much anticipated WebEx…

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January 2013

5 Ways to Leverage WebEx to Create Sticky Customers

Duration: 1 hour

Join WebEx Technology Expert Susan McEvilly and Webinar Interaction Guru, Dr. Jaclyn Kostner, to discover five secrets…

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June 2012

How to Effectively Use Whiteboards in MC, TC and EC

Duration: 1 hour

This is a 14 minute video.  We show how to use a whiteboard to professionally facilitate a WebEx meeting.  We…

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April 2012

Five “Must Do’s” for Your Next Webinar

Duration: 10 minutes

In this short session, you'll learn how to manage the process, add value to your event, extend the reach of your event…

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March 2012

Five Webinar Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Duration: 20 minutes

In this 20 minute on-demand WebEx, industry insider Sharon Burton discusses five common mistakes people make when…

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September 2011

Engage your online audience: Annotation tools make it easy!

Duration: 4 minutes

During this short WebEx video, see how enabling annotation tools for your audience can keep them engaged. Get them…

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Corral wandering audiences: Feedback tools keep their attention

Duration: 3 minutes

During this short WebEx video, see how feedback tools can help corral a wandering audience.

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Managing two-way dialogues: Chat empowers group discussions

Duration: 3 minutes

During this short WebEx video, learn how to manage group discussions in the Chat panel with 3 ‘must know’ tips the…

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Learn how to show video files in a WebEx meeting.

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