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Audience Segmentation by Crowd Science
Your audience is a goldmine. Are you selling it short? If you’re only focused on the most common types of visitors to your site, you may be missing out on monetizing specialized segments that could bring extra revenue from advertisers. Today’s publishers are using audience segmentation to discover new, valuable segments that appeal to big brand advertisers. We’ll show you how to uncover those nuggets.This free webinar on audience segmentation will show you how Crowd Science can help you find the high value audience segments your advertisers want. Using a combination of demographic, contextual and behavioral data, Crowd Science gets more out of your audience:Increase premium ad sales opportunitiesImprove ad targeting and hyper-targetingUncover unique and valuable audience segmentsThis free 30-minute presentation will show you how Crowd Science’s audience segmentation tools can help create additional revenue for your website.Reserve your place now to learn how.

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