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Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to Internet Service Bus (ISB) Shared by JamesRichard

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to Internet Service Bus (ISB)
Overview: We have successfully built and integrated service based applications. Now we want to deploy them in the cloud and take advantage of commercial, cloud-based applications, but the integration challenges become much more complicated than between on-premise applications. Recent surveys show, for example, that companies abandon SaaS solutions because of problems integrating SaaS with on-premise applications. 

One of the reasons for the integration complexity is that we are dealing with a very heterogeneous environment: applications can reside on premise, at SaaS providers, in IaaS environments like Amazon Web Services, or are built using one of the many PaaS offerings. We need to carefully choose the right integration architecture (on-premise, Integration as a Service, peer to peer), and capitalize on the proven concepts of Service Oriented Integration (SOI): lose coupling, standard interfaces and protocols, and reusability. Those are key to Internet scale integration. 

Why should you attend: You are migrating your CRM system to a SaaS application only to find out that it cannot be integrated with the custom applications that you keep on premise. You use a PaaS platform to develop new applications and face a proliferation of your data - which is the system of record and where is the master data? You turn to Integration as a Service but now you cannot integrate your on premise systems - do you really need three types of middleware to integrate with the Cloud? 

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • The need for cloud integration and its challenges
  • From application integration to Service Oriented Integration (SOI)
  • The need for mediation
  • The evolution of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to Internet Service Bus (ISB)
  • Choices for cloud integration architectures: on-premise, Integration as a Service, peer-to-peer model

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