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Improving Your IT Service Delivery Results - What do organizations do When Successful Shared by JamesRichard

Improving Your IT Service Delivery Results - What do organizations do When Successful
Overview: When IT service groups deliver excellent results there are common fundamental practices that are followed. It doesn't matter whether frameworks such as CMMI, ITIL or ISO are used or not. What matters is how to speed up your progress and results by learning from others. With examples based on our experience since 1989, this webinar shows how to define goals that directly address the needs of your organization, use improvement frameworks (e.g., CMMI for Services, ISO and ITIL) appropriately, and devise a pragmatic action plan. 

The webinar covers: 
  • Developing a Plan
    • Setting compelling goals for your improvement program
    • Directing all improvement towards achieving business goals and solving the organization's problems
    • Developing an action plan based on the defined goals and problems
    • Using an improvement model or standard to address the goals and problems
    • Deriving metrics for the goals
    • Identifying potential future problems (risks) with the action plan and mitigating the highest priority risks
  • Implementing the Plan
    • Applying selling strategies to deploy new practices
    • Increasing the speed of deployment by working with the willing and the needy first
    • Reducing the risk of failure by building and deploying solutions in increments
    • Delaying policy document creation and edicts until each solution has been practiced and is well tested
  • Checking Progress
    • Using metrics to track progress based on defined goals
    • Determining corrective actions needed to get the improvement program back on track
    • Clarifying lessons learned and actions needed to make future executions of the improvement cycle more effective

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Defining goals that directly address the needs of your organization
  • Practices that are fundamental and common in successful organizations
  • Using improvement models (e.g., CMMI, ITIL, ISO) to address goals and challenges - making a direct mapping and learning from others
  • Creating a pragmatic action plan
  • Defining processes as small useful checklists, and using the practices for problem solving and maintaining organizational gains
  • Deploying organizational change
  • Essential metrics for tracking progress - making sure you get the results you want

Who Will Benefit:
  • Senior managers of IT service teams
  • Service providers (technicians and support staff)
  • Internal company Project Management Office (PMO) leaders and members
  • Team supervisors of IT service teams
  • IT project managers
  • Internal process improvement coaches tasked with improving the organization's cost, schedule, quality performance
Speaker Profile: 
Neil Potter

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