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Improving the Quality of Your Data Models - Webinar By Cliff Longman Shared by JamesRichard

Improving the Quality of Your Data Models - Webinar By Cliff Longman
Why should you attend: Developed or inherited a data model? How do you know whether it is "right" or not? Do all your group have a common understanding of what the model means? Is the model in error, or missing key components? What will happen if you build a database from a poor quality model?

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Uses for a data model, and the art and science of modeling
  • Accurate naming of data model concepts
  • Challenging a model against reality
  • Dealing with business rules
  • Levels of abstraction in a data model
  • Effective communication and shared understanding
Speaker Profile: Cliff Longman
is an recognized internationally as a thought leader, speaker and author in the field of information management, Business Intelligence and database systems. His career spans 30 years in key roles at Oracle and as the CTO at Kalido a BI and Master Data Management company. As an independent consultant he has consulted extensively for enterprises in the fields of Data modeling, Master Data Management, Data Governance and Enterprise Data Management. He also advises software companies who develop and market software products in the field of information management. He has significant experience of bridging the communication gap between business and IT organizations using his facilitation skills for executive and project level workshops, requirement gathering exercises, fault analysis and project audits.

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