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Linux Cloud Computing & Security - Webinar By Marc Andre Heroux Shared by JamesRichard

Linux Cloud Computing & Security - Webinar By Marc Andre Heroux
Overview: With the quick progression of the Internet, most organizations need to operate services in real-time, such as mail routing, reverse proxy & traffic redirection, VPN service, DNS service, etc. In our example, we will show how to implement a Secure Linux Cloud Server as a primary DNS server exchanging public DNS zone with Internet root servers and secondary DNS servers for high service availability. 

We will review the design, concept and planning phases of the systems architecture and infrastructure to realize the solution. We will deploy, integrate the services with other systems and apply security controls, such as a firewall, SSH security, DNS rules and kernel/modules updates. 

Why Should You Attend: Linux is a powerful operating system that most organizations should consider to support and enhance their information system. Cloud Computing can bring the scalability; flexibility and rapidity an organization need to realize their projects. It is essential to consider many security aspects when going with a cloud solution, such as: access control, firewall, patch management, vulnerability assessment, contract, Linux distribution selection, Internet Integration & DNS, verification, etc. 

Exchange with an expert in Linux Cloud & Security to understand the issues and adopt proper controls to protect your solution. 

This Webinar will show you how to quickly and securely deploy and operate cloud solution. 

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Information System Concept, Design & Planning
  • Risk Management and Security Controls Definition
  • Linux Cloud Computing
  • System Deployment & Integration
  • Linux & Internet Security
  • Access Control
  • Vulnerability Management and Patch Management
  • Security & Event Management
  • Compliance of Internet Solutions

Who Will Benefit:
  • Information System Manager
  • Architect
  • System Integrator
  • System Administrator
  • Security Advisor
Speaker Profile:
Mr. Heroux cumulates over 16 years of experience in Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, Security & IT consulting. Marc been involved in many Linux, Security & SaaS/Cloud Computing Projects. He has a solid technical background. 

Since 2000, he especially acted as a security, compliance & risk management specialist. Marc leaded many critical security projects such as: AS2 certification with the AAFES (US Army and Air Force Exchange Service), compliance of Sears Canada and GE Commercial Finance transactions, ASC X12.58 encryption and architecture analysis for Banks, US Custom Border EDI integration and SOX compliance. 
He also worked on compliance projects against ISO 27000, COBIT, ANSI, NIST standards, Basel II, SAS 70 (SSAE no. 16), PCI, CICA 5970, Article 17 Directive 95/46/EC & NERC.
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