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Managing Change Needed for Service-Oriented Architectures Shared by JamesRichard

Managing Change Needed for Service-Oriented Architectures
For most organizations, a Service-Oriented/Cloud Computing Architecture will be ever changing because it will need to respond to the changing nature of business and technology. The primary goal of Incremental SOA Analysis is to eventually position your organization so that it can respond quickly to those changes. It will provide you with a loosely coupled architecture that should improve your organization’s ability to change. A secondary goal is to leave you with functioning architecture whenever you stop. Budgets and other demands often derail the best-laid development plans. With this type of analysis, you should be able to restart your development at some later time if work is suspended for some reason. Even though this session addresses a technical topic, it is presented in such a way that this session is also suitable for nontechnical members of your team. 

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Change Issues Related to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Cloud Computing
  • Three Tools to Address Change Issues
    • Force Field Analysis
    • Worksheet for Resistance Issues and Suggestions
    • Decomposition Matrix
  • Incremental SOA Analysis: Facing Reality, Coping with Change, and Improving Your Chance of Success
  • Five Principles for Incremental SOA Analysis
  • Incremental SOA Analysis Explained
    • Business Process Analysis
    • Candidate Process Analysis
    • Deployment Selection
    • Deployment
    • Vocabulary Management
  • An Example Incremental SOA Analysis Using the Three Tools
Speaker Profile: Douglas K Barry
is the Principal Consultant at Barry & Associates, Inc. He specializes in enterprise architecture with an emphasis in cloud computing, service-oriented architecture, database systems, and object technology, His practice is aimed at accelerating your understanding and use of software technology. He is an author, columnist, guest lecturer, international speaker, and mentor. Doug has consulted with companies in finance, stock trading, computer-aided design, telecommunications, electronic catalogs, software development, manufacturing, and military applications. He has written or edited five books and was the series editor for The Savvy Manager's Guides, published by Morgan Kaufmann. Doug has also written over 40 magazine columns or articles, published over 450 pages of online articles at www.service-architecture.com/articles/, and writes the Design Decomposition Blog at www.designdecomposition.com/blog/. His most recent book is Web Services, Service-Oriented Architectures, and Cloud Computing: The Savvy Manager's Guide (Second Edition).

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