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Security and Privacy in the Cloud - Webinar By EITAGlobal Shared by JamesRichard

Security and Privacy in the Cloud - Webinar By EITAGlobal
Overview: Many organizations today are feeling pressure to reduce IT costs and optimize IT operations. Cloud computing is rapidly emerging as a viable means to create dynamic, rapidly provisioned resources for operating platforms, applications, development environments, storage and backup capabilities, and many more IT functions. 

A staggering number of security considerations exist that information security professionals need to consider when evaluating the risks of cloud computing. Serious discussion of cloud security starts with a detailed introduction to the various delivery models of cloud computing ranging from Software as a Service (SaaS) to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and everything in between. 

Each of these delivery models represents an entirely separate set of security conditions to consider, especially when coupled with various cloud types including: public, private, and hybrid. Managers, auditors, and systems and network administrators will benefit from a discussion into the technologies available for securing cloud-based assets while covering all the policies, processes, and compliance considerations that go along with this major technology shift. 

Why Should You Attend: The cloud is everywhere! Well, that's what the marketing folks would have us believe, anyway. For security professionals, migrating systems, applications, and data to the cloud presents a new set of challenges to tackle. What kind of policies do we need, and how can we work with legal teams to incorporate language into contracts? How can we protect sensitive data with encryption, intrusion detection and prevention, and host and network access controls? Can we extend identity and access management tools and processes into the cloud? Senior Fellow and Chief Strategist, Melvin Greer provides clarity around cloud security and details the issues associated with data privacy. 

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Cloud Computing Overview
  • Cloud security issues and opportunities
  • Security vs. Privacy
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Data Privacy: A Legal Framework
  • Strategic Recommendations: What Should I do Now?

Who Will Benefit:
  • Chief Security Officers
  • CIO's
  • IT Architects
  • Security Executives
  • Web Content Developers
  • Mobility Executives
  • Cloud Computing Staff
  • Social Media Staff
  • Auditors, and Systems and Network administrators
Speaker Profile:
Melvin Greer is Senior Fellow and Chief Strategist, Lockheed Martin, Chief Technology Office. With over 29 years of systems and software engineering experience, he is a recognized expert in Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud Computing and Predictive Analytics. He functions as a principal investigator in advanced research studies, including Nanotechnology, Synthetic Biology and Gamification. Mr. Greer has been awarded the BEYA 2012 Technologist of the Year Award, which recognizes his outstanding technical contribution and technical products that have a broad impact and high value to society as a whole. 

Mr. Greer is a frequent speaker at conferences and universities and is an accomplished author; his fourth book "21st Century Leadership" is his most recently published book. Greer received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and Technology and his Master of Science in Information Systems from American University, Wash. D.C. He also completed the Executive Leadership Program at the Cornell University, Johnson Graduate School.
Contact Information: 
Event Coordinator
Toll free: 1800 447 9407
Fax: 302 288 6884
Email: webinars@eitaglobal.com 
Website: https://www.eitaglobal.com/ 
NetZealous LLC,
161| Mission Falls Lane| Suite 216, Fremont| CA 94539

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