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Semantics and Big Data Shared by JamesRichard

Semantics and Big Data
Overview: The power of big data lies in being able to rapidly analyze large sets of data. It is different from Data Warehousing in that in a Data Warehouse the data had to have been pre-structured, cleansed and aligned before any analysis could be done. Big Data approaches do not require this upfront commitment, nor do they force adherence to a structured data base format. This allows people to get started with relatively little upfront investment. It has also resulted in many people referring to Big Data as being "schema less." 

But this is really a misnomer. The schema exists in the mind of the Data Scientist who is querying the database. Early adopters of big data are finding that when big data contains variety (different formats of data) or is being combined from many different sources, the complexity of these ad hoc schemas exceeds the data scientists ability to manage it, and makes it more difficult to scale to multiple analysts. This is where Semantic Technology comes in. Semantic Technology is about creating machine readable definitions of the meaning of data. Semantic Technology makes it possible to define classes based on the properties of the items in the class. Essentially this means we can create schema as we uncover or discover it. The act of creating schema adds value without creating a precedence to using it. 

Why should you attend: Big Data has the potential to become a Big Mess for many companies who allow initiatives to arise without a bit of prior planning. 

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • What is Big Data? How is it different from Data Warehousing?
  • Where is the schema in a Big Data project?
  • What is Semantic Technology?
  • How does Semantic Technology work?
  • What is "late binding" schema, and why is it of benefit?
  • How can we combine Big Data and Semantics to get the best of both worlds?

Who Will Benefit:
  • CIOs
  • Data Scientists
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Warehouse specialists
  • IT Project Managers
Speaker Profile:
Dave McComb is the President and founder of Semantic Arts, Inc. His focus is on project management and business applications, as well as bringing an overall enterprise architecture approach to the firm’s engagements. Mr. McComb has nearly 30 years of experience, 13 with Andersen Consulting/Accenture and over 16 independently and through various joint ventures. Over that period of time he has managed over a dozen multi-million dollar development projects and worked with a number of major clients including: Georgia Pacific, Boise Cascade, Norton Abrasives, Wildish Construction, US Geological Survey, Trus Joist, Far West Federal Savings and Loan, Haw Par Trading (Singapore), Bougainville Copper, US West Materiel Resources, Colorado Department of Transportation, Martin Marietta, Johns Manville, Micro Planning International, BSW Architects, Dean Medical Center, Velocity.com, World Minerals, CommerceOne and Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.
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