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Wireless Robot Control System Using ZedBoard, Chilipepper, and iRobot Shared by JamesRichard

Wireless Robot Control System Using ZedBoard, Chilipepper, and iRobot
Overview: Participants will learn how to build a wireless communication system around two ZedBoards, two Chilipepper mezzanine cards, and an iRobot. The basic demo starts by establishing a wireless link between the two systems, and then moves on to drive the robot's forward, turn, etc. controls from the receiving ZedBoard's GPIO output ports. 

Skills to be mastered include Xilinx embedded development kit (EDK), Chilipepper A/D, D/A, and SPI control interfacing to the host ZedBoard, connecting motor controls to GPIO ports on an FPGA, some C and Linux programming, and some HDL coding. 

Why should you attend: Embedded processors, such as the Zynq chip on the ZedBoard, are the wave of the future, and that future has arrived. If you are a software engineer, you need to become more comfortable with hardware, and vice-versa. This demonstration system will get you started on learning embedded systems, whether you are coming from the computer science world or electrical engineering.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Connecting and configuring the hardware
  • Programming the FPGA via XPS/EDK tool flow
  • Bringing up and testing the communication system
  • Hardware modifications to enable robot control
  • Verification of robot functionality
  • Ideas for further exploration

Who Will Benefit:
  • Junior and Senior digital Design Engineers
  • Junior and Senior Software Engineers
  • Technical hands-on Engineering group Leaders
Speaker Profile: 
John Eldon
an Individual contributor and hands-on technical manager in the semiconductor industry since 1980, specializing in System Verilog and VHDL design, simulation, and verification, product definition, and the reduction of digital signal processing algorithms to silicon architectures. Previous career: statistical data analysis applied to photochemical smog formation and other environmental problems. His Specialties includes System Verilog, VHDL, FPGA design, digital ASIC design and verification, VLSI, digital signal processing, "mathematical algorithms to silicon architectures," teaching, video engineering, high-speed communications engineering, applications engineering.

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