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Worried about Multi platform Mobile Applications? Shared by JamesRichard

Worried about Multi platform Mobile Applications?
Why should you attend: Does your organization have .NET developers and you need to build mobile applications for iOS and / or Android and you want to get allow your developers to be able to leverage their .NET skills on those platforms? Do you want to learn how to leverage one C# code base across multiple mobile platforms, including business logic, data access, networking and more? Do you want to leverage existing productivity obtained from visual studio to build apps for other mobile platforms? All the time while still building apps that look and feel native on the platform because they are native? Then this seminar will introduce you to using the Xamarin tools, and also MVVMCross, to get up and building iOS and Android apps in C# pronto.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Overview of the Xamarin / Mono Tools for iOS and Android, and MVVM Cross
  • Installing MonoTouch and MonoDroid
  • Creating a basic MonoTouch / iOS application with C#
  • Using portable libraries for Windows, Windows 8, iOS and Android
  • Portable code example: Accessing Twitter
  • Portable code example: accessing Stock Data
  • Portable code example: pushing stock updates to devices with SignalR
  • Creating an iOS user interface for the application
  • Creating an Android user interfaces for the application
  • Leveraging MVVMCross to facilitate user interface code reuse across platforms
  • Review and Q&A
Speaker Profile: Michael Heydt
has a almost 30 years of professional software development experience, where he as focused on Microsoft based technologies across multiple verticals including media, finance, energy and healthcare. He holds a masters degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Drexel University, and a Masters of Technology Management from the University of Pennsylvania. He currently is focused on creating applications that utilize high concurrency, cloud services, messaging, computer vision, natural user interfaces to provide seamless application access as users move through different environments and geographies. As a teacher and speaker he is a common speaker at .NET users groups and conferences, author of technology papers and books, and is former adjunct faculty for the University of Denver and the University of Phoenix where he taught Computer Information Systems and Telecommunications Technology courses.

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