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Improving patient diagnoses through video conferencing

Head & Neck Pathology Consultants

“Pathology is one of the most visually intensive fields. Webex video conferencing allows me to easily share my screen so the other doctor/physician can see exactly what I’m looking at, in real-time.”

Dr. Lester Thompson

Consultant Pathologist
Head and Neck Pathology Consultations

Dr. Lester Thompson is a consultant pathologist at Head and Neck Consultations. Renowned in his field of work, he one of a few people in his profession and is sent some of the toughest cases in the world to diagnose. When he has a diagnosis to share, he uses Cisco Webex Meetings to consult back with the doctors working with the patient. Video conferencing makes it easy to get in touch with doctors, regardless of time zones. In addition, he has hooked up a camera to his microscope and is able to share his screen in real-time and walk through pathology reports, pointing to the abnormal parts on the slide that led to his diagnosis. This secure sharing enables an education for doctors that a written report would be unable to give and saves time, giving him the opportunity to take on more cases, and other doctors more time to spend with their patients. Watch the video to learn more on his story.

Able to complete more cases every year. Up 10%   from last year

Video conferencing allows me to create personal relationships. I can look people in the eye, fully understanding the impact of the words I am saying/diagnosis I am giving to them.

Dr. Lester Thompson

Consultant Pathologist
Head and Neck Pathology Consultations

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