How-To Videos
Watch these short video tutorials to learn how to schedule,
start, and manage your meeting.
Welcome to Cisco WebEx Meetings
Discover how you can use Cisco WebEx Meetings to collaborate with customers, colleagues and partners, and learn about the benefits of meeting online. Get an overview of the meeting lifecycle–from activating and setting up your account, to scheduling and facilitating a meeting, and distributing the meeting recording afterwards. If you're new to web conferencing, this is the place to begin.
Get Started
Learn how to get started using your new Cisco WebEx Meetings account. See how to create your password and sign in for the first time. Then, view the steps to customize your account information and preview tools you can download to integrate WebEx Meetings with Microsoft Outlook or your mobile device.
Schedule Meetings
Find out how to schedule a meeting from your Cisco WebEx Meetings site, or mobile device, by exploring the scheduling options. Learn how to set up recurring meetings and assign alternate hosts for meetings that require preparation; or, see how to skip scheduling altogether and start an instant meeting for impromptu collaboration.
Use Personal Conferencing
Find out how to set up a Personal Conferencing account that will enable you to start impromptu meetings or conference calls. See how you can start audio conferences while you are away from your desk using a single WebEx phone number, your host access code, and PIN. Learn how you can start the optional online portion of a Personal Conference, and how attendees can join.
Use Productivity Tools
Uncover ways to incorporate Cisco WebEx Meetings into your daily work by learning how to install and use Productivity Tools. Learn how to access convenient options for scheduling and starting meetings from your Windows taskbar and Microsoft Outlook, then walk through the scheduling options to set up your meeting. When it's time to meet, see how to start your meeting right from your Outlook calendar or launch an instant meeting in a single click from your desktop.
Join Meetings
Learn to join a meeting as an attendee, from an email invitation, from your Cisco WebEx Meetings site, or from your mobile device. See how to enter the required information and install the WebEx Meetings application as you join your first meeting. Watch how to connect to the audio conference and mute yourself to prevent background noise. After reviewing these basics you'll be ready to participate in online meetings hosted by your colleagues.
Facilitate Meetings
See how to facilitate a successful meeting from start to finish. Learn to start a meeting you have scheduled, and view your options for connecting to the audio conference. Find out how to run your meeting as its host, muting noisy phone lines to minimize distractions, and sharing video to engage your attendees. Get to know some of the tools you will use to manage your meeting and meet your objectives—including recording, chat, and file and application sharing. Then, watch how to end your meeting and follow-up by sending the recording.
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