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  • Noise Removal & Speech Enhancement

    Silence distracting background noise like kids, dogs, keyboard typing and more, so your meeting participants hear only you.

  • Gestures & Reactions

    Now there’s even more ways to express yourself in meetings with on-screen emojis for clapping, thumbs up/down, smiling, laughing, and more. Choose an animated reaction or simply gesture with your hands.

  • Real-Time Translation

    Webex provides live translation of your meetings into 100+ languages including: English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Japanese.

  • Immersive Share

    Create a more immersive sharing experience by turning your shared content into your meeting background with your video overlayed on top.

  • Smart Status

    Webex automatically sets your status when you’re in a meeting, sharing your screen, and out of office so everyone knows when you’re really available. Or set 'do not disturb' for those times you need to focus.

  • Meeting Templates

    Create more efficient meetings with pre-defined meeting invite templates, including brainstorm session, quick catch-up, and more. Includes prompts to set an agenda, attach key content, add tools, and more.

  • Advanced Video Layouts

    See the meeting, your way. Use the slider to show as many or as few participants you want. Drag and drop participants on stage and stack the rest on the top or on the side.

  • Important Messages

    Webex automatically elevates your most relevant conversations to the top, or you can pin important messages for quick reference later. You can also mark a message as unread to remind you to review again.

  • Transition Call to Meeting

    Turn a 1:1 audio call into a video meeting and easily take advantage of AI transcriptions, recordings, notes, and action items.

*Feature availability may vary based on offer

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