Webex x PGA
of Australia

Webex and the PGA of Australia are redefining hybrid sports.

Webex, the PGA of Australia, and the WPGA Tour of Australasia are committed to advancing inclusivity in sport, using innovation and technology to grow the game, and inspiring the next generation of golf fans and players.

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Webex is the official collaboration technology partner of the PGA of Australia.

Webex is the official collaboration technology partner of the PGA of Australia and the WPGA Tour of Australasia.

Webex and PGA of Australia logos Webex and WPGA Tour of Australasia logos
Keeping players connected Webex technology connects players year-round with mentors, media, fans, and family, bringing them closer to the action no matter where they live or work.
Powering hybrid work Webex enables hybrid work across the PGA of Australia's day-to-day operations and tournament planning.
Connecting with fans and community With Webex, the PGA of Australia can hold compelling virtual or hybrid tours and events.
Driving hybrid sport experiences Golf goes hybrid with events like the PGA Tour of Australasia and the WPGA Tour. In-person and virtual elements blend to create a unique fan experience.
Facilitating meaningful training and mentoring The PGA of Australia is leveraging Webex to elevate its education program, as well as mentoring between experienced players and rising stars.

Hybrid sports in action. The Webex Players Series.

Webex partnered with the PGA of Australia and the WPGA Tour on the Webex Players Series, a first-of-its-kind tournament series that brings Australia's leading male and female golf professionals together with elite amateurs to compete in the same field.

Connecting the next generation of golfers.

Building on the Webex Players Series’ inclusive format and dedicated to supporting promising and diverse athletes, the PGA of Australia and WPGA Tour leveraged Webex to provide a platform for junior golfers and the next wave of talent to engage, learn, grow, and get guidance from leaders.

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