Webex Contact Center for Healthcare

Reimagine patient care with an AI-driven platform.

Enhance engagement along the patient’s journey and provide faster, more personalized service without stretching your staff resources.

Trusted by leaders in patient experience.
Facing staff shortages, no-shows, and data risks?

Navigate healthcare's biggest challenges with solutions that streamline staff efficiency, reduce missed appointments, and safeguard data to improve patient trust and care.


of customers will switch brands due to subpar customer service1


In losses as providers are unable to fill last minute cancellations (US)


Is the average cost of a healthcare data breach in 2023

Avoid cancelations. Ease workloads. Maintain security.

Reduce no-shows with proactive notifications

Reduce operating costs and decrease missed critical care follow-ups, no-shows, or cancellations using reminders and convenient scheduling options.

Offload repetitive work

An AI Assistant offers self-service, and guides agents for swift, satisfying support without the wait, including scheduling, billing, refills, and more!

Meet healthcare security standards

Rest easy with industry-leading security measures including zero trust end-to-end encryption, identity verification, data privacy, built-in security controls and data loss prevention.

Lift uptime rates

Provide unmatched availability with Enhanced Survivability for Dedicated Instance that leverages a local node to preserve reliability—including call control, PSTN connectivity, and third-party integrations—if your organization loses its network connection due to an unforeseen event like a natural disaster.

Burrell Behavioral Health achieves a 99% uptime rate

Webex Calling and Contact Center solutions allow support workers to quickly log in and take calls right away—from wherever they are.

Healthcare providers choose Webex.

Webex has greatly improved our overall communication process," he said. "We can interact with people digitally, more frequently, and more efficiently.

Shival Seth, Grand River Hospital

Success for us is resilience and connectivity so that we can continue to operate. With Webex, we supported remote work almost overnight.

Family and patients can connect very easily and flexibly. The patient care experience is improved through the connection and support of family.

Dr. Kathleen Thomas, Intensive Care Advanced Trainee

We had to choose a solution that was very reliable…"We’re in the business of saving lives, and Webex [helps] us to do that.

Jarrett Newberry, Senior Systems Director


Watch Webex Contact Center in action.

We’ll demonstrate how you can be proactive to keep customers happy, help agents work smarter with customer data and AI, and smooth out operations with call deflection and task automation.

Your trusted partner for superior patience experiences.

Webex Contact Center for Healthcare

Turn patient satisfaction into lasting loyalty with AI.

Drive friction-free experiences with the security and reliability only Cisco can deliver. Learn why 95% of Fortune 500 companies trust Webex.

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1 The Changing Expectations of Customer Experience, Futurum Research , February 2024.