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Commonly asked questions - Video conferencing
Q: What is video conferencing?
A: Video conferencing is an engaging, highly interactive way to meet face-to-face with colleagues, partners and customers without the need to travel. Participants can join these online meetings using a variety of devices with built-in cameras, including desktop, mobile and video systems. Solutions like Webex also offer sophisticated video conferencing features like screen sharing, meeting recording and transcription, AI-powered meeting assistance, and more.
Q: How do I join a video conference?
A: Joining a video conference should be easy. With Webex, you get one button to push with the big green button and you’re in. You can join through desktop, mobile or web applications. And you can choose how you want to connect your audio, either through VoIP (computer audio), dial-in or having the meeting call your phone of choice.
Q: Why do we need video conferencing?
A: Video conferencing is a must-have for mobile and remote workers, because it gives them a high-quality way to interact with each other and stay in touch from any location or device. The benefits of real-time video conferences are extensive, ranging from more productive meetings to less time-consuming and expensive travel for in-person meetings.
Q: What are the common uses for video conferencing?
A: Video conferencing is most commonly used for keeping virtual and remote teams connected through lifelike meetings. An online meeting is the perfect forum for an internal discussion, a team meeting, a client-facing presentation, a sales demo, and much more.

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With Cisco Webex Events, host interactive webinars with HD video and broadcast-quality audio for audiences up to 3,000.


Host large-scale virtual events for up to 100,000 participants with expertise from Cisco Webex Webcasting to ensure it’s a success.

Online learning

Lead live or on-demand trainings with Cisco Webex Training. Host breakout sessions, testing and automated grading with over 1,000 participants.

Remote support

Cisco Webex Support provides efficient customer service with remote desktop control and live chat.