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Make your meeting space uniquely you with a virtual background that lets your personality shine.

Click on any of our backgrounds, right-click, and save! Then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to set your new virtual background in Webex.

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How do I change my Webex background?

Changing your Webex background is straightforward. While in the Apple iOS Webex App, perform the following steps. For help changing your background on desktop or Android, see these directions.

1. Tap the Video icon.

2. Tap the Change Virtual Background button.

3. From the menu, you can select blur, a standard background, or upload a custom Webex background. This custom background can be a static image or even a video for some extra fun! Simply hit the + sign to upload your own background.

4. Hit Apply.

Webex will remember your selection for future meetings.

Important note: This capability must be enabled by your Webex site administrator. Specifically, they must enable "Display user avatars in the meeting client (Meetings)" in Common Site Settings.