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Sign in to the Administration Tool

This topic describes the procedure for signing in to Cisco WebEx Administration Tool using the Web interface.


Important: If your Cisco WebEx Organization is enabled with Single sign-on integration, the URL to type in your Web browser must be in this format:<Org domain name>/ where is the Cisco WebEx Organization enabled with Single sign-on integration.

To sign in to Cisco WebEx Administration Tools:

  1. Type the following URL in your Web browser: The Cisco WebEx Administration Tool page is displayed.
  2. Enter your sign in details in the Username and Password fields.
  3. Select Remember Username to avoid typing in the username each time you sign in.
  4. Click Sign In to sign in to Cisco WebEx Administration Tool.


    Note: Customers with Single sign-on or Directory Integration enabled need to contact a Cisco WebEx representative for assistance in getting started with launching Cisco WebEx Administration Tool.

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