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Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool interface

The following graphic explains the tabs available in Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool.




Add and configure user information.


Configure settings for various features of Cisco WebEx such as general information about your organization, domains, password enforcement, user provisioning, IM settings, and additional services such as IM federation, IM archiving, and unified communications.

Policy Editor

Set policies and rules for users.


Assign group policies.


View usage reports on users.


View Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool version information.


View Cisco WebEx Messenger Administrator's Guide.

From the Administrative Tools tab, you can:

  • Enable self-registration.
  • Customize various system-generated emails sent to Cisco WebEx users.
  • Add new Cisco WebEx users and assign Roles and Groups to these users.
  • Enforce password requirements.
  • Import and export users from or to comma-separated value (CSV) files.
  • Define and apply policies and policy actions.




    Note: When a User-Only administrator signs into Organization Administration, only the User, Report, About, and Help links are displayed


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