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Creating new users

An Organization Administrator can add new users, one at a time from the User tab. A newly-created user does not necessarily belong to any group unless the Organization Administrator explicitly assigns the user to a specific group. A new user's default role is Member unless the Organization Administrator does not explicitly assign the Organization Administrator role.

The Organization Administrator role can only be assigned to users who are members of the top level group. A top level group, with the name of the Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization is provided at the time of provisioning. The name of the top level group typically begins with the name of the Organization where Cisco WebEx Messenger is provisioned.

In addition to manually adding and editing users and groups, the process is different for adding and editing users when Single sign-on (SSO) and Directory Integration are enabled. For more information on adding users with SSO and Directory Integration enabled, see Adding Users with Single sign-on and Directory Integration enabled.

The Organization Administrator can determine if users are permitted to change their profile. This includes specifying if users can upload their profile pictures from within the Cisco WebEx Messenger application. In this case, the Organization Administrator can upload the user's profile picture from the corporate database.

The primary purpose of the User Administrator role is to have administrators who can perform only User Management actions. These users will not have the authorization to make configuration or policy changes at an organization level. Additionally, they will also not have the authorization to create or update Policy Groups.

To create a new user or administrator:

  1. In Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool, select the User tab. 
  2. Select Add to open the Add User dialog box.



    Note: Organization Administrators have the ability to create User-Only Administrator roles. These User Administrators have rights pertaining to User Management only.

    User Administrators cannot create new Organization Administrators.



  3. Enter the applicable information in each field. Note that the fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory. The default Role is User (non-administrator).



    Note: The Business Email is the Username. You cannot edit the Username.



  4. Optionally, select the Policy Group Assignment tab to assign a policy group to the user. For more information on assigning policy groups, see Assigning Policy Groups to Users.
  5. If IM Archiving is enabled for your Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization, the Archive IMs check box is displayed on the Add User dialog box. The checkbox is grayed out if archiving endpoints have not been configured. To configure an archiving endpoint, see Setting up IM Archiving.
  6. To log IMs for this user for archival, select the Archive IMs checkbox. The name of the Archiving endpoint is displayed.
  7. To change the endpoint, select a different endpoint from the drop down list. Archiving endpoints are defined in the IM Archiving screen of Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool. Selecting Default assigns the user to the endpoint preconfigured as the default endpoint in the IM Archiving screen. For more information, see Setting up IM Archiving.
  8. To assign this user to an upgrade site, select the appropriate site from the Upgrade Site drop down list as shown in the following graphic. For information about upgrade sites, see Creating upgrade sites.




  9. If your Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization is enabled with Cisco Unified Communications, the Unified Communications tab is displayed on the Add User dialog box as shown in the following graphic. 
  10. Select the Unified Communications tab to view the settings available for Cisco Unified Communications.




  11. Under Cluster, select the applicable Cisco Unified Communications cluster to which you want to add this user. For more information, see Creating unified communications clusters .
  12. If your Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization is enabled with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center integration, the Add User dialog box is displayed.





  13. To assign the Organization Administrator role to the user, select the Organization Administrator check box.
  14. Select Save to add the new user to your Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization. New users receive a welcome email based on the Welcome Email template in Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool. For information on email templates, see Notifications, Emails, and Alert Templates.

    Repeat the previous steps to continue adding new users.



    Note: If there is missing information or errors when you add new users, the errors are highlighted in yellow and a message is displayed.


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