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Editing users and administrators

An Organization Administrator can edit all the properties of an existing user including altering the policy groups that the user is assigned to.

To edit a user or administrator:

  1. In the User tab search for the user whose information you want to edit. For information about searching for users, see Searching users.
  2. In the search results, select the user whose information you want to edit.
  3. Select Edit to open the Edit User dialog box. The existing information of the user is displayed.




    Note: Organization Administrators can update the roles and profiles of User Administrators. The User Administrators have rights pertaining to User Management only. User Administrators cannot update the roles of Organization Administrators but they can update other profile information including first name, last name, and business email.


  4. Make the applicable changes to the user's information.
  5. Select User Administrator from the Role list, if applicable.
  6. Select Save.



    Note: To reset a user's password, select the user in the User tab and select the Reset Password icon.


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