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Understanding the Configuration tab

The Configuration tab enables you to specify settings that control different features of Cisco WebEx Messenger and impacts overall administration of Cisco WebEx Messenger. These settings typically impact areas such as licensing, policies, user administration, and integration with additional services. Changing a specific setting therefore might have an organization-wide impact. It is recommended that you plan thoroughly before making configuration changes.

This topic explains the interface of the Configuration tab with brief descriptions about the different items in the interface.






Configuration category. Displays items that you can configure under a particular category. For example, you can configure domain names and URLs under the System Settings category and contact list settings under the Connect Client category.


Typewriter 2

Configuration work area. Where you enter the actual configuration settings for a specific configuration item. This graphic, for example, shows configurable details for Organization Information.


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Specific configuration item. When you click a particular configuration item, configurable details of that item are displayed. For example, clicking Resource Management lets you view license information for your Organization and allows you to enable storage enforcement for users.

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