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Email template variables

This topic describes the various email templates available in Cisco WebEx Messenger and how you can edit or customize these templates. Typically, you can customize an email template by editing its built-in variables. Variables are building blocks that define what an email template (and emails based on that template) will contain. For example, the Welcome Message email template contains the %USERNAME% variable. This variable will display the Cisco WebEx Messenger user's username in the email that is sent to the user.

The following table describes each email template, the variables used in each email template and their definitions.


Note: Cisco WebEx Messenger email templates are pre-populated with appropriate templates for out of the box use.


Email Template

Variables and Macros

Welcome Message—Default email contains links to reset password, download the application, documentation, and community links.

%USERNAME%—The name of the user.

%CLIENTDOWNLOADURL%—The URL that takes the user to the welcome message.

%NEWPASSWORDURL%—The new password variable.

Get or Reset Password Email—Email is sent when Cisco WebEx Messenger Administrator resets password.

%NEWPASSWORDURL%—URL that will take the user to reset password.

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