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Understanding additional services

Cisco WebEx Messenger provides certain additional services over and above the regular or default options that are part of every Cisco WebEx Messenger deployment. Additional services involve separate configuration so they can be seamlessly integrated into Cisco WebEx Messenger.

The following additional services are available:

  • Integration with Cisco WebEx Meeting application: You can enable integration between Cisco WebEx Messenger and Cisco WebEx Meeting application to simplify administration and user experience. For information about specifying Cisco WebEx Meeting application integration details, see Understanding Cisco WebEx Messenger integration with Cisco WebEx Meeting application.
  • Integration with Unified Communication: Enables your Cisco WebEx Messenger organization's users to use Cisco Unified Communications Integration (Click-to-Call) and Cisco Unified Call Manager (CUCM) directly from Cisco WebEx Messenger. For information about specifying unified communications integration information, see Understanding Cisco Unified Communications integration with Cisco WebEx.
  • IM Federation: Enables you to specify IM federation settings so your Cisco WebEx organization's users can communicate with public XMPP networks such as Google Talk. For information about specifying IM federation settings, see Specifying IM Federation settings.
  • IM Logging and Archiving: Cisco WebEx Messenger allows you to log and archive IMs that users in your organization exchange with each other. For more information, see Overview of IM Archiving.
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