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Configuring Cisco Unified IP Phones

Before a Cisco Unified IP Phone can be used, you must use this procedure to add the phone to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. You can also configure third-party phones that are running SIP, H.323 clients, CTI ports, the Cisco ATA 186 Telephone Adaptor, or the Cisco IP Communicator.

To configure the phone:

  1. Select Device > Phone.
  2. Select Add New.
  3. From the Phone Type list, select the appropriate phone type or device and select Next. After you select a phone type, you cannot modify it.
  4. If the Select the device protocol list is displayed, choose the appropriate protocol of the device and select Next.

    The Find and List Phones window is displayed.

  5. Enter the appropriate settings.
  6. Select Save.






    MAC Address

    Enter the Media Access Control (MAC) address that identifies Cisco Unified IP Phones (hardware phones only).

    The Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique, 12-character hexadecimal number that identifies a Cisco Unified IP Phone or other hardware device. Locate the number on a label on the bottom of the phone (for example, 000B6A409C405 for Cisco Unified IP Phone 7900 family of phones or SS-00-0B-64-09-C4-05 for Cisco IP Phone SP 12+ and 30 VIP).

    Do not enter spaces or dashes and do not include the "SS" that may precede the MAC address on the label.

    For information on how to access the MAC address for your phone, refer to the Cisco Unified IP Phone Administration Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager that supports your phone model.

    Cisco Unified Communications Manager converts the MAC address for each device by

    • Dropping the first two digits of the MAC address
    • Shifting the MAC address two places to the left
    • Adding the two-digit port number to the end of the MAC address (to the right of the number)
    MAC Address for the Cisco VG248 is
    the MAC address for registered port 12 in the
    Cisco Unified Communications Manager is



    Device Name

    Enter a name to identify software-based telephones, H.323 clients, and CTI ports. The value can include 1 to 15 characters, including alphanumeric characters, dot, dash, and underscores.


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