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Adding a directory number to the phone

If you are adding a phone, a message is displayed, confirming that the phone has been added to the database. To add a directory number to this phone, select one of the line links, such as Line [1] - Add a new DN, in the Association Information pane that displays on the left side of the window.

To add a directory number:

  1. Enter a valid phone number.

    Values can include route pattern wildcards and numeric characters (0 through 9). Special characters such as a question mark (?), exclamation mark (!), backslash (\), brackets ([,]), plus sign (+), dash (-), asterisk (*), caret (^), pound sign (#), and X are also allowable. Special characters that are not allowed are a period (.), at sign (@), dollar sign ($), and percent sign (%).

    At the beginning of the pattern, enter \+ if you want to use the international escape character +. For this field, \+ does not represent a wildcard; instead, entering \+ represents a dialable digit.



    Note: When a pattern is used as a directory number, the display on the phone and the caller ID that displays on the dialed phone will both contain characters other than digits. To avoid this, Cisco recommends that you provide a value for Display (Internal Caller ID), Line text label, and External phone number mask.



    The directory number that you enter can appear in more than one partition.

  2. Select Save.
  3. Select Reset Phone.

    For more information, see "Resetting a phone" in the Cisco Unified Communications Administration Guide.



    Note: Restart devices as soon as possible. During this process, the system may drop calls on gateways.


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