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Group Member Records

The group member record fields are:


The member SSOIDs are provided after the record indicator and group ID to which they belong.

The group file can have many types of records, in any order. This example contains records of all three types in any order.

g, groupSSOID1, Group SSO Name1

g, groupSSOID2, Group SSO Name2

g, groupSSOID3, Group SSO Name3

gu,groupSSOID2,userSSOId6, userSSOId7

g, groupSSOID4, Group SSO Name4

g, groupSSOID5, Group SSO Name5

gg, groupSSOID3, groupSSOID10

gu,groupSSOID1,userSSOId1,userSSOId2,userSSOId3, userSSOId4

gg, groupSSOID1, groupSSOID2, groupSSOID3, groupSSOID4, groupSSOID5

gg, groupSSOID2, groupSSOID3, groupSSOID4

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