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Generating reports

Generating a report is a two-step process of selecting the type of report to generate and then generating it. Each report displays the time stamp using the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as the time zone.

Many reports can be run in 15, 30, and 60 minute intervals.

For details on each report, see:

To generate a report:

  1. Sign in to Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool.
  2. Select the Report tab to open the Reports screen.



  3. From the Report Type drop down list, select the type of report that you want to generate.
  4. Optionally, select the Interval for the report. The Interval option is available only for the following reports:
    • Connect Activity: Select Interval, Month, or Year.
    • Connect User Activity: Select Month or year.
  5. Select Generate Report. The Status column shows a Running status indicating the progress of the report generation. After it is successfully generated, the Status column shows Completed. Additionally, you also receive an email that contains instructions to download the report.



    Note: To cancel the report generation at any time when the Running status is showing, select Cancel the Progress. A Stopped status indicates that the report generation has been canceled.


  6. Select the name of the report link to open or save the report.



    Note: Only one report can be generated at a time. You must wait until the status of the generated report is Completed before generating another report.


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