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Copying applications to a library

This is for regular Cisco WebEx Connect application and Cisco Jabber application users and Organization Administrators.

To copy application from one library to another:

  1. Navigate to the applications in your personal or public library.
  2. Select an application from the list of applications and select Copy widget to .



  3. Select Public or Personal from the drop down list and select OK.



    If the user does not have permission to a library, an error message is displayed asking whether the user wants to send a request to the Organization Administrator to complete this step. The user can select Yes or No. If the user selects Yes, a notification email is sent to the Organization Administrator.

    When the Organization Administrator signs in to Cisco WebEx Messenger and opens the Library Management widget, the list of applications under the Pending Approval. The Organization Administrator can use the mouse to hover over the widget to see details and Approve or Deny the request. For more information on approving requests to add applications, see Approving request to add application to public library.

    If the request is approved, it appears in the public library. If the request is denied, it is removed from the Pending Approval list and a notification is sent to the user.

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