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Assigning users to Policy Groups

When you assign a user to a policy group, all policies applied to that particular group will automatically apply to the user. You can assign only one policy group to a user. When you try to assign a different policy group to the same user, the new policy group will replace the currently-assigned policy group. You can assign a policy group to both new and existing users.

Additionally, you can add multiple users to a group by importing a CSV file containing user information. For more information, see Importing and exporting users.


Note: By default users are not assigned to any policy group and have access to all Cisco WebEx Messenger features. After you assign a policy group to users, they are governed by the policies associated with that policy group.

For more information about applying policies to groups, see Applying policies to groups.

To assign users to policy groups

  1. In Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool, select the User tab. 
  2. If you want to assign a policy group to a new user, create the new user first by selecting Add. For information on adding a new user, see Adding individual users.
  3. If you want to assign a policy group to an existing user, search for the user. For information on searching for users, see Searching Users.
  4. In the search result, double-click the appropriate user's name to open the Edit User dialog box.
  5. Select the Policy Group Assignment tab to open the Policy Group Assignment dialog box.




  6. In the Search field, enter at least one letter of the policy group that you want to search for and assign to this user.
  7. Select Search.
  8. In the Search Result pane, select the appropriate policy group and select Assign to assign the policy to this user.
  9. Select Save to save the policy group assignment and return to the User tab.
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