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Customizing the User tab view

You can customize the default view of the User tab to suit your needs. Customization settings include hiding or showing columns and sorting the order in which users are displayed.

To customize the user tab view:

  1. On the User tab select the More Actions icon and then select Customize View to display the Customize View dialog box. 
  2. Under Select columns for display in the user tab, select or clear the applicable fields. If you have enabled integration with Cisco WebEx Meeting application, the Meeting Account field is displayed in addition to these default fields. Similarly, if you have enabled IM Archiving, and Cisco Unified Communication Manager, the IM Archiving Endpoint and CUCM Cluster fields are displayed.
  3. Under Select default sort order of user records, select the field (or column) by which you want to sort the list of users.
  4. Select either Ascending or Descending as the sort order.
  5. Select Save.
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