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Assigning policies to groups

Assigning a policy to a group involves selecting the group and the policy that you want to apply. You can assign multiple policies to a group. If a group contains child groups, the policies you assign to the parent group also apply to the child groups. However, the policies that you assign to a child group do not apply to the parent group. For more information about policies, see Understanding policies and policy actions.

To assign policies to groups:

  1. Sign in to Cisco WebEx Messenger Administration Tool.
  2. Select the Group tab to open the Group screen.  
  3. In the Search field, enter at least one letter of the group for which you want to assign policies and select Search.




  4. In the list of groups that match your search term, select the group for which you want to assign policies.
  5. In the Policy Assignment frame, select the policies you want to apply. You can select one policy at a time. A brief pause indicates that your policy is being assigned.
  6. To unassign a policy, clear the check box next to the appropriate policy.
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