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Connect Space Report

The Connect Space Report provides aggregate values up to the report time. This report is only useful if your organization uses the Spaces feature in Cisco WebEx Messenger. The Connect Space Report displays details about spaces such as number of members (within your organization and external to it) in the space, storage used, and widgets. The Connect Space Report includes the following columns (listed below in the order they appear from left to right in the report):




Space Name

The name of the space.

Space Owner

The name of the space owner.

Total Number of Members (In-domain)

The total of number of space members who are in your organization (in-domain).

Total Number of Members (Non-domain)

The total of space members outside of your organization (users who belong to domains outside of your organization’s domains).

Total Storage Used(MB)

The total megabytes of storage used by the space.

Number of Widgets

The number of widgets created in the space.

Number of Documents

The number of documents uploaded to the space.

Number of PCS Messages

The number of PCS messages posted to the space.

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