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Migrating Guest Edition users to Business Edition users

When Cisco WebEx Messenger is provisioned with specific domain names, any users using the Cisco WebEx Connect application version 5.x or earlier with the same domain names are prevented from signing in to Cisco WebEx Messenger. These users will receive an email notifying that their Cisco WebEx Messenger accounts have been deactivated.

The earlier versions of Cisco WebEx Messenger displayed the Migration tab in Cisco WebEx Administration Tool. The Migration tab displayed the list of Guest Edition users pending migration to the Business Edition of Cisco WebEx Messenger The Migration tab was hidden in case there were no users pending migration.

The Migration tab will no longer appear in Cisco WebEx Messenger version 6.0 or later. Guest Edition users pending migration will now appear as “inactive” users. The Organization Administrator needs to complete the following steps to migrate the Guest Edition users to the Business Edition of Cisco WebEx Messenger :

  1. Review the list of "inactive" users in the Cisco WebEx Administration Tool and identify the users who need to be migrated to Cisco WebEx Messenger Business Edition.
  2. Send instructions to the selected users with the download URL for the latest version of Cisco WebEx application. The URL can be found in the email that the administrator would have received at the time when the service is provisioned.
  3. Set the status to "active" and reset the password for the selected users. For more information on activating inactive users, see Deactivating and reactivating users. These users will receive emails with a password reset link. The link allows users to specify a new password. Users can then use this new password to sign in to the latest version of Cisco WebEx Messenger Business Edition. Users' contacts will not be transferred to the Business Edition.

After migration, the user will be subject to the policies configured by the Organization Administrator. All the resources that the user consumes as a Business Edition user including the Cisco WebEx Messenger license, will form part of the total amount of resources (user licenses and storage) assigned to the Cisco WebEx Messenger Organization.

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